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Gilded Tree Experts

Certified Arborist


Gilded Tree Experts is a tree preservation and arboriculture services provider. The company is founded on the integrity of prestigious tree care, providing only sound solutions for tree management and tree risk. Satisfying the highest client expectation we confidently market the best because we are the best.

Our Story

It is a gilded privilege to be employed by nature and our services enlisted by the trees. For trees to survive they must grow. We must realize that the tree is actually a strategy. Enlightened tree care needs to be formulated around the idea of enhancing that strategy and doing what is necessary to promote that. It is in this business of arboriculture we have a taste of real wealth, existing in nature.

The Tree

“Trees are plants that are especially good at combining stardust with sunlight to make pancake syrup” The tree is actually a strategy an evolutionary masterpiece. The curious observation is that plants are going one direction, and humans are going another. Their strategies are inverse. It can also be observed that plants have gone much further on their journey than humans.


Of course we’re fully insured, in this business it is inappropriate not to be.
  • Commercial Pesticide Licensed
  • Certified Arborist